About Us

SE Longhorn Ranch is located in the Texas Hill Country between Fredericksburg and Mason, at Mason County. We are blessed with abundance of Texas Bluebonnets and Texas Wild Flowers in the Spring time and a half hour drive from the wine country and tourist destination city of Fredericksburg. With both of us having some experience in agriculture and farming with the love for out in the country life, we immediately started looking for a ranch after meeting each other in 2009. Three and a half years later we finally found and purchased our dream ranch in 2013, which led the path to raising Longhorns. 

Sandy was raised in the country working cattle, building fence, gardening, and riding horses as early as 4 years old. Having all kinds of animals on the ranch, she grew up loving and understanding them.  Eitan before joining the Israeli Military at age 18, spent the prior 4 years in agriculture school experiencing in a range of farm work including milk cows, orchards of different kinds, bees, cutting hay with a Scythe, gardening, and driving a range of different John Deere tractors.
Ranching was a God gift to our life together and a life long destination goal we both had.  With all the prior experience in farming we looked for "SOMETHING SPECIAL" to fulfill our ag exemption responsibility and found the Longhorns at our neighbors early 2015.  The more we learned about Longhorns the more we fell in love with them and found ourselves spending time with the herd countless hours.  We enjoy each and every one of them, please visit our photography website to see more.

We strongly believe in pasture breeding and exploring some possibilities to AI in the future. We try to attend as many Longhorn events as life is allowing us, it is always a great enjoyment to meet new breeders and share experiences and knowledge with each other. Our goal is to both profit and enjoy this industry in breeding healthy and good genetics with color, horns, conformation and most of all great disposition. We feel the importance to have calm and easy going Longhorns for us and our buyers.  Thank you for taking time to check us out and hope to meet you soon. Please let us know when you are in our area and come visit us.